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Curriculum Vitae

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The webmaster's biography

Personal Data

Name: Pablo Hörtner
Born: October 25, 1979 in Vienna, Austria
Email: pablo AT redtux DOT org


Study at the University of Vienna (Humanities):

Start: Winter 2000
Canceled: Summer 2005
Register No: 0008351


Social Service:

1999-2000 work with multiple-handycapped children (Basale Förderklassen)
for the Wiener Sozialdienste (Vienna Social Services)

Quality Assurance:

2001 work at Dion Software.


2005 until today: Work at basecamp IT-Consulting.

Special Skills




My wishlist for books is available here.

Socialism, free software, big bang, science, religion
these are just a few of the topics i am interested in...

Sozialismus & Kapitalismuskritik, Freie Software & GNU/Linux,
Naturwissenschaften & Big Bang, science-fiction & Religion
Das sind nur einige der Themen, die mich interessieren ...

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